Mar 13 14 9:48 AM

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The wisdom of meQal, King of the Rednecks.

I have seen a few postings over the past few months where people are getting annoyed because something they like gets mocked by others caps. This troubles me because I have always seen capping as something people do for fun and at the same time hold nothing back if they feel it is funny. But these post and caps where people are getting annoyed because they do not like their favorite topic, show, etc... being mocked really ruins the fun of capping.
Captions mocking icons, topics, celebraties, etc.. are done for fun and the attempts of humor of the writer not as a personal attack against another person. Sometimes we may referance a fellow capper as part of the joke but this is often done out of something we know is a running gag with that person(i.e. redneck jokes directed at me which I laugh at). We should take those captions we dislike with a grain of salt.
The National Lampoon once used the slogan "No cow is to sacred to slaughter". We should view the subjects we cap with the same manner and allow others to have fun rather than becoming incensed because our favorite actor, actress, topic, etc... is being mocked.
Rather than making the capping world a mine field that is filled with people wondering if this cap or that one will result in a backlash because we mocked something that another holds sacred, we should be untethered in our capping. Yes there will be captions that we do not like but we must ask if it makes logical sense to become outraged over it. The answer is almost always no.
Face it, two people will never agree 100% of the time. One person's idol may be viewed as another person's bane. Rather than become upset over what one person says, grant them the same liberty to cap what they want as they would grant you. Keep capping fun by allowing others the same freedom of expression as you desire. In the end it results in fun being had by all.

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