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The 1961 Report of the Register of Copyrights on the General Revision of the U.S. Copyright Law cites
examples of activities that courts have regarded as fair use:quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism
for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for
illustration or clarification of the authors observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report; reproduction by a library of a portion of a work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or
reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene
of an event being reported.

This is direct from the U.S. Government's own page (http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html).

This site is for the parody of celebrities in the public eye, and for the parody of characters from television
programs and/or motion pictures. There is absolutely no charge whatsoever to view these works. The only
money changing hands is in the direction of from me to the web host and my ISP, so I am in NO WAY making
any money from the use of these celebrities/characters.

While the rights to the images/names/characters/likenesses/situations and so forth are owned by their
various parent companies (where applicable), United States law permits use of such likenesses and so on
for the purposes of parody.

This is a fan-based project and falls under the 'fair-usage' rights of the U.S. copyright laws.

The pages contained on this site do not intend to infringe upon any ownership of copyrights or trademarks of others.

None of the pictures on this site are copyrighted to me.

All related images, names, characters, logos etc. belong to their respective parent companies.

All trademarks and copyrights are reserved by their parent companies.

Their use here is neither a violation of copyright laws nor of intellectual property.

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